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Please Build The Software Universal and Class Compliant Dual-USB Mixer that Everyone Wants!

Pioneer makes nice mixers but there's always been something that prevented me from buying one:

- Will it be compatible with the software I want to use tomorrow or at some special occasion?

- Will it be future proof?

- Can I hook-up my iPhone instead of a second laptop on the 2nd USB port for seamless switching in case I have a laptop crash ? Or for using it with a virtual drum box / FX Unit?

If you take any of your dual-USB 2/4 channels DJM mixers and add the following features, this is going to be a best-seller with DJs and Club Managers:

- Traktor & Serato DVS certifications besides Rekordbox DJ DVS bundled

- Class compliant sound card with no driver hassles on each OS upgrade

- iOS compatibility directly through any of the two USB ports without requiring a hub (those could be USB-C for it to be future-proof btw).

Notice there's already a company making such a product, including the iOS compatibility without a hub: it's called the Rane MP2015.

The MP2014 also does most of this (except Serato for now). I tested the, not even advertised, iOS compatibility (without hub) of its class-compliant dual-USB sound card. Though there are some glitches (iOS freezing a bit after connecting, then comes back) that they need to fix on the firmware and on iOS, this does work and it eventually will work perfectly.

Pioneer, ditch those proprietary drivers, your mixers can do everything through a class-compliant audio chip that will be future-proof and even more if you adopt USB-C.

Rane just owns the rotary mixers market with their products. Pioneer, keep owning the the traditional fader-based club and pro market! Because, as you know, Rane does make excellent mixers too and they're not far from making that perfect fader-mixer with universal software compatibility that every club manager/DJ will want.


Jay Neural

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