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DJM900NXS2 not working with 2016 MacBook Pro, Rekordbox, or other Apps...

I cannot get any applications on my 2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro to actually record any sound from the USB interface on the DJM900NXS2. Pioneer Utility settings show the mixer connected. Core Audio displays the 900NXS2. No matter how I set the Input/Output I receive no signal from the Mixer or to the mixer from the computer. Have attempted with totally straight forward RekordBox Setup, and with Serato, Logic, GarageBand, Peak, etc ...

How do I set the DJM900NXS2 up correctly so that I can record the outputs in Logic, Reason, Peak Pro, Serato, or RekordBox?

Core Audio Programs are most important, as I want to digitize 1000's of vinyl records.....



DJM, DJM900NXS2, Rekordbox, 2016 MacBook Pro, OSX Sierra

Eric Spire

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