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(MIDI Mapping) SlicerLoopMode stuck on.

I'm MIDI Mapping the SLICER Loop Mode Button for Deck 2:


I can turn it on but can't switch it back off.

After it's turned on with a MIDI note on message It doesn't toggle off from any additional note on messages, nor does it recognize any MIDI note off messages I'm sending to it but I expected it to ignore the note off messages anyways.

While inspecting the MIDI output with a MIDI monitor, I noticed that the Slicer Loop Mode button isn't sending any MIDI message when I use a mouse to manually turn it off, just note on messages if I mouse-click to turn it on..  

My MIDI settings for it are:

MIDI in 9826

MIDI out 9A26

 Rekordbox 4.2.5


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