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Touch Strip locked to pad trig

It's a pain that the effect of the touch strip only "engages" and becomes active if you touch it when you are hitting a pad.


It would be so useful to be able to modify sounds after they have been triggered.


Yes, I know you can lock parameters to trigs but it is not the same as being able to play / fingerdrum and use the touch strip to full effect when you want and not locked to pad trigger.


The Tempest does this and the touch strips are its most expressive feature.


It would also being the Toraiz one step closer to the stand-out feature of the Octatrack, the crossfader, where you could mangle sounds in realtime at any point, not just tied down to when you hit the pad.


Mods, would you pass this on to the devs please?

Simon Fine

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Hi Simon,

Another great suggestion. I can imagine that being quite a powerful feature in a live environment.

Of course I will pass this on to our TORAIZ engineers.

Best regards,

Pioneer DJ Support

Stephen Herdman
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Cheers Stephen, much obliged!


I hope I don't come across as too demanding in all my posts, I just want the T to be the best it can be! (and to hold its own against the new MPC's).



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Not at all Simon, we always appreciate feedback! We want it to be the best it can be as well ;)

Stephen Herdman 0 votes
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