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Hi all,

I'm getting to grips with the various ways you can categorise/sort music to aid live mixing through Rekordbox (using an XDJ-RX).

I've decided I no longer want to see genre/tag information in the comments section of each track (I've already created playlists to divide this up and there's the genre field itself).

Is there any way to delete the comments field on every track with a single command? (Mine are a complete mess with loads of notes, tags, label information, year, era - etc blah...none of which I need).

When I've done this, I'll be able to add the 'mixed in key' code.


On an unrelated note - is there a way to put the XDJ-RX in some kind on play mode so it will sequentially play tracks from a playlist regardless of whether they're loaded to a deck or not?


Rob Calcutt

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