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Pioneer HDJ-2000 Repair

Hey guys! I hope you all are well.

I bought a Pioneer HDJ-2000 about 5 years ago, and have been using it really well.

I especially loved the sound of it. I suppose it is the MK1.


A few days ago, the right side of the headphone stopped working in all of sudden whilst I was listening music. I sort of knew this day would come since I once saw the inner wire started to peel and I could see the copper wire that was covered by rubber. 

I am not sure if the right side of the headphone stopped working due to my diagnose above.

But would there be a way to repair it if that is the case?

I don't know anything about the warranty Pioneer offers. I wasn't aware of it when I purchased it, and it would have already been expired by now even if I had one.




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