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CDJ-2000NXS2 Suggestions

As I've been enjoying the my NXS2, I've come up with a few suggestions I wanted to pass along to @Pulse @Mark and the Pioneer Squad:

Unlock Beatjump 1-Beat Limitation. I have this wacky theory that the Beatjump function is limited on the CDJ2KNXS2 vs. the XDJ1000-MK2 due to the potential latency/buffering issues that could occur if the Beatjump function was applied to  CD/DVD media since the Read speed of CD/DVD media pales in comparison flash/hdd speeds. My suggestion is to implement in alternative mode in the Preference menu, let's call it "XDJ Mode," where the CD/DVD player of the CDJ is completely disabled (until enabled again or unit is powered down) and the Beatjump values would be increased.

Option to Remove Waveform Ghosting. I'm not sure why it's there, but if you look at the scrolling waveform display on the CDJ vs. XDJ, you'll note a blurred bluish "ghosting" behind the waveform on the CDJ whereas the XDJ displays just a crisp waveform, sans ghosting. It would be nice to have the option to remove the ghosting as it serves no function is aesthetically unnecessary.

Frame Rate Boost. Perhaps the biggest grip I have with the CDJ is the lack of smooth scrolling on the waveform. I would love to have an option to select either a scrolling high-res or low-res waveform, if it meant that opting for a low-resolution waveform would mean smoother scrolling (i.e. increased framerate). Denon's new deck, while a bit of an eye sore, has a gorgeous display with an uncanny smooth animated waveform. Additionally, if this meant having to disable certain functions to allocate resources (i.e. disable album art, CD/DVD, etc.), I would be on-board.

Basically, I'm after more options to help tailor the deck to the user's wants. Hopefully the introduction of the new Denon system will spark a fire under some asses to help boost the CDJNXS2 functionality. Here's to hoping.


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