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Latency Test Results

Super lofi approach to testing latency but I had a friend over that wanted to check the latency on the toraiz. We did so by mic'ing the pad on the left channel (of a stereo recording) and the toraiz plugged into the right channel. Recording the hits of the pad with the mic and the line input of the toraiz into audacity on a mbp through a firewire signal from an old firepod. (Is there latency in that signal chain? we didn't have another signal chain to test). We looked at the time distance between the recorded mic line and the toraiz line.

The Results? 

Playing a sample loaded from the thumb drive yielded a 4 millisecond delay 

Playing a sample loaded from the unit itself yielded a 1 millisecond delay

Both were consistent with those delays respectively and repeatedly. My buddy says he hasn't seen a midi device surpass a 10 millisecond delay so kudos Pioneer. 

Note: We weren't exhaustive with our testing, ie didn't test receiving or sending midi, we didn't test any other hardware out to compare results but what we did test looks good.

Useless information? Probably.

Orión García

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