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DDJ-SX Rekordbox audio dropout

I just bought a new Mac, and I am experiencing bad and big problems with the latest version of rekordbox. With a buffer of 512 samples, sound is a little lag in normal use (no any other application running). If I open just one of the Finder windows, audio become really impossible to listen to because of the lag. Increasing the buffer to the maximum available I'm obviously completely losing the responsiveness of my controller, but the audio is a little bit better.


I tested this configuration even on a MacBook Air 13" Late 2013, with 4GB of RAM and i5 @ 2.1GHz (always running on SSD) and this problem does not exist!
I'm really stuck ...

My console is a DDJ-SX-W (with lastest firmware installed) and the mac where I'm having issues is a Macbook Pro Retina 13 (Late 2013, i5 @2,7 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, Intel Iris Pro with Apple SSD M2 128GB)

What can I do?


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