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I cant made PC MASTER OUT work. DDJ-RR

Just yesterday i get a pioneer DDJ-RR, and my pc master out is not working. I try lot of things in this forum but nothing work.

In my Preferences/Audio when i select DDJ-RR ASIO in the Master Output just say "DDJ-RR MASTER" and i see some pictures with "+SPEAKERS". The music only go for the headphones through the controller. 

In the lap when i click the "sound icon" appears the line volume and a tittle i can change from "speaker (conexant smartaudio HD)" and "line (PIONEER DJ DDJ-RR)" and the 2 are in max volume.

I'm using a Dell inspiron 2 in 1 / Windows 10.

¿What can be the problem? ¿Someone with the same issue? 
I'm very frustrated, i want to practice. :(

Thanks in advance.
Aly Or'less

Brayann Aly Osuna

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