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a couple of modulation sugestions: extra env and audio rate LFO

Could we have a second envelope generator that has a loop function, that way we can use as a standard envelope or an LFO wit variable shape + release phase, this is an extremely creative feature to have. Second to that would it be possible to allow the current LFO to get into audio rate?

I think the modulation section could be a little more flexible by allowing for more than one parameter to be controlled. You could even allow attenuation having a parameter in the destination setting page.

Can we also include amplitude as a mod destination please

Toraiz is a joy to use but it would be nice if the sampler section was a bit more flexible and creative. It wouldn't take much, just a few thought out features and improvements while retaining the incredible ease of use and it could be killer.

Dan P

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Hi Dan,

Thanks again for this feature request. I will let the engineers know.

Kind regards,


Stephen Herdman
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you could add your requests for features (with few words :) ) in the list I posted:
"1.2 bug list + simple request features"
in this way we can keep tidy the best list of things to do for the technical pioneer.
unfortunately they visit the forum once every 3 months!

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