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Use laptop usb connection rather than Hard/Thumb Drive with CDJS

I have owned and used CDJs in their various forms for years as a club/function DJ and have always used a thumb drive or external hard drive to play music on the CDJs.  

I've been trying to figure out how to connect my laptop running Rekordbox directly to either the DJM 900 nxs2 or my CDJ 2000 nxs2 cdjs or older cdj2000nxs  so that I can skip the loading of the hard drive and also to be able to add new requests during a set, and I can never get them to use my laptop like a hard drive . . .


Is this not possible?  I just want to be able to link my laptop easily during a club night to put new requests into the mix without working around with other methods. like downloading to another thumb drive, or worse yet using an RCA/headphone jack into my phone/laptop. 

I've read through about everything and I'm just hoping someone can help .  ..


Rob Bennion

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