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TORAIZ SP-16 - 32 Second Sample Limit (Explained)

Hi everyone,

You might have noticed myself posting recently. I’m a new moderator on the TORAIZ Forums along with D.j. Creme. I Just wanted to let you know that we’re listening to the feedback here and really appreciate seeing the passion and community forming around the TORAIZ SP-16. Ive been tasked to ensure I get back to your posts ASAP, and if I can’t help immediately I’ll raise a support ticket on your behalf direct to the TORAIZ engineers.

I feel the 32 second sample limit is a hot topic, so I thought this would be a good starting point to introduce myself officially.

Here is a brief explanation as to why we have chosen a 32 second sample limit.

When you receive the error message “CANNOT LOAD SAMPLE OVER 32 SECONDS”. This message appears when sample source files greater than 32 seconds in length are selected.

The SP-16 has 8GB of internal memory (flash ROM) and 256MB RAM for audio samples. The reason why we have limited the length of samples loaded is to ensure maximum performance utilising all performance features over all 16 TRACKS simultaneously. To switch between scenes whilst playing back the sequence, all of the samples used in the project must be loaded onto the RAM. Once above the 32 second sample length limit we start to jeopardise the performance of the hardware, hence why we need a sample length limit.

There are 16 TRACK's and 16 SCENE's, so in total there are 256 sample slots (16 x 16) in one PROJECT. The 256 sample slots share the 256MB RAM (without elaborating, 1MB per 1 sample slot). Here, we will calculate the the size of a 1 second sample as 44,100Hz x 3 Byte (24 bit) x 2 CH = 264KB. Note that some of these numbers have been rounded to the nearest whole number to make it easier to understand. 1MB divided by 264KB = 3.78 seconds.  If you want to assign different samples to every TRACK in each SCENE, the samples have to be less than 3.78 seconds. Remember you have in total 256MB RAM to play with, so the previous is the most extreme. Generally, a project will consist of one shots and loops which are duplicates of other samples used across other SCENE’s. The total size of the samples exceeding 256MB is up to the user.

Next, we considered what the optimal and convenient length of a sample is. The SP-16's pattern is up to 4 bars, so the longest loop is 16 seconds at 60 BPM. However, many users want to use longer loops and set the start/end point in the playback menu, for example, you could have a 32 second sample (16 bars at 120BPM) and select 8 seconds of that sample to create a 4 bar loop. Users would also like to record over 16 second samples, since recording guitars and vocals would require margins.

From the above reasons, we've balanced out the length and performance, choosing to limit the length of a sample to 32 seconds. Having said this, we are currently investigating how we can remove this limit but as its stands this is the current specification.

We hope this helps you understand why we gave the SP-16 a 32 second limit.

Thank you for your feedback so far.


Stephen Herdman

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In the sp16's current state you need to have another sampler to use with it.
Unfortunately . I have found through old school workarounds the sp 16 becomes an ok sampler/sequencer like speeding up sample of choice in external sampler then sampling it into the sp16 for more sampling time.
I prefer the time slice on my Korg electribe esx 1 to the. Sp16's slice mode. So I slice on the esx get all the variations I want to use sample them into sp16 ,with silence gaps then edit them in sp16 the edits are more precise and I can use esx 1 fx while sampling. OF COURSE YOU SHOULDNT have to use workarounds on a $1500 piece of equipment in 2017, which is why I bought the MPC LIVE And it's a beast of a machine. No comparison but I'm still keeping the sp16 we will see what happens might just use it for sample archiving . BUT PIONEER NEEDS TO SAY SOMETHING TO PUT SP16 FORUM USERS MINDS AT EASE LET US KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT WHATS IN THE WORKS. GOT LOTS OF PEOPLE ON MY INSTAGRAM AND YOUTUBE VIDEO DEMO PAGES ASKING ABOUT REVIEWS OF THE SP 16 ASKING MY OPINION AND SHOULD THEY GET LIVE OR SP16 . ONE VIDEO I POSTED GOT 1500 VIEWS SINCE LAST THURSDAY .I ALWAYS POST MY SP16 videos AND THEY KEEP ASKING WHICH ONE SHOULD I BUY? IM JUST SAYING. MY LIVE AND SP16 SITTING SIDE BY SIDE LAST VIDEO. 🎹🎼🎧🎤🎬💾💾💾💽💾 what am I supposed to say.

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So after all the telling us to shut up it will never change And explaining why with numbers,physics and pie charts it changes . Huh. Good one guys

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