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CDJ 2000 NXS2 Fader Start

First, some background. I've been using DJM 900 SRT and 3xCDJ 900 NXS to do my mixes. Coming from the Technics SL 1200 MK3 turntable days, I've really appreciated the Vinyl mode of these new decks - amazing! Saves a lot of fiddling with buttons, and restores the feel of Vinyl. Great job :)

I've also come to appreciate the Fader Start feature. Having been used to doing three deck mixes by ear, this is definitely a *far* easier way to mix, making technology work for you - again, great job Pioneer!

So imagine my surprise and disappointment, when I upgraded to DJM 2000 and 4xCDJ 2000 NXS2, only to discover that Fader Start is missing.

Nothing is worse or more painful than an upgrade which is a downgrade!

I would rather install a firmware upgrade which reintroduces Fader Start to DJM 2000 NXS2, as opposed to returning the whole setup back to my dealer.

I am also amicable to using an unofficial firmware upgrade, or an unsupported firmware upgrade, or a community built firmware upgrade, which I could even help deliver, if Pioneer would help us out here.

Come on, Pioneer...do the right thing here. This isn't physically impossible, like adding new buttons to the DJM 900 NXS2, for Fader Start toggles (on that note, I'm real glad I got the DJM 2000 NXS instead). Its probably just a bit or byte that needs to be toggled somewhere to restore the feature!

DJ Fuzuli

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