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External Midi Controller

Hey all, I hooked up my Behringer X-Touch Compact to my Toraiz SP-16 last night, and was able to map out the faders and knobs/ buttons to Volume, Pan, Mutes, Sends accordingly over Midi DIN.

Unfortunately I ran into 2 problems. It appears the midi controller can control the Toraiz parameters, but when the parameters are changed on the Toraiz, the changes aren't reflected on the midi controller. The little MIDI OUT icon at the top of the screen doesn't light up, so I think the problem is that the Toraiz isn't outputting MIDI to the controller. All the MIDI output settings are enabled, so I don't know what else might be the problem??

I also noticed a rather troubling problem. When using a midi controller to control parameters (which is great for live use btw!) the midi sync option needs to be set to MIDI DIN! This is TERRIBLE. This means that you cannot sync the Toraiz with CDJ's over Link, and use the midi controller at the same time.

Pioneer, is there a way we can sync midi clock over Link, but then use MIDI DIN to control parameters over CC??

Helix Machine

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