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sound problems - Pioneer DJM S9 (& Serato DJ)



I'm having huge troubles with my DJM S9. It's making a horrible noise. Here'S what you need to know:


1. the noise appears when the serato-channel is running

2. the noise appears when the phono-channel is running

3. line-faders, crossfader and trim-knobs don't effect the volume of the noise

4. master does effect the volume

5. noise normally surfaces after a few hours of use (sometimes earlier, sometimes later)

6. only switching the mixer of or unplugging the usb-cable stops the noise


Please check out these two videos:


1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zpP8L3Gry8

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXN9cf1lLbc

Can you please tell me how to solve this? I can't use this thing for gigs and I'm losing money right now, because I can't play gigs!


Please help!





Peter Stein

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Hi Jay,


can you please try again? You should be able to see the videos now. Maybe you can help? It would be really aprreciated.

I'll contact the tech support as well.

Peter Stein 0 votes
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did you solve it?

try disabling wifi and your onboard sound card and see how it behaves...


anything that works in real time  will bring that buzz sound.


disable anything that works in real time like anti-virus, malware, wireless, onboard audio, hard drive utility/monitor... report how it behaves. what other program is up and running?

serato dj and s9 mixer will not run like scratch live did with other programs. also completely clean out the laptop from viruses and malware...

if anyone is reading this and tries this suggestions post on whether it helped you or not.

Jay Lib 0 votes
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Sound problem with serato sx in channel 1 and 3. What should be done

Chandni Yaksh Ramdohin 0 votes
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