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Problems with Toraiz MIDI Settings (in/out/clock/stop/start)

If "sync source select" is set to "internal", Toraiz does not receive midi clock, but can send out midi clock and note information.

If "sync source select" is set to "midi", and "midi I/F select" is set to "din midi", it can receive clock, but itself cannot re-send out clock or stop/start via its own midi out port. It can however, send out midi note info.

If "sync source select" is set to "midi", and "midi I/F select" is set to "din midi (thru h/w)", it can receive clock, re-send out clock and stop/start via its own midi port, BUT cannot send midi note info.

In other words, if the Toraiz is being slaved to an external device (DAW, hardware sequencer, drum machine, etc), there's NO way you can get the best of both worlds, being able to re-send out clock, stop/start, AND midi note info.


Kevin Guoh

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Would be great if I can receive midi clock from an external gear and then transmit it to other machine via midi out, so I can also sequence my hardware synths...


Robert Towelar 0 votes

So essentially the midi thru doesn't work as as a traditional midi thru works, i thought i was going crazy.

Orión García 0 votes