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OSX, NAS drive, iTunes, RekordBox loses all playlists.

I have a NAS drive with my iTunes library on and iTunes has no issue with this. RekordBox seems to work for a few weeks, and then all of a sudden it loses my iTunes library, despite the path being correct in the settings & itunes playing without issue. When I refresh the iTunes folder in the Rekordbox tree all playlist folders come up, but no tracks.

I have never been able to recover it.

This has happened twice now & it takes me 26hrs to re-analyse my itunes library & about another day to transfer all 110GB to my USB stick. Not ideal when you have a gig that night. Not to mention the loss of all your beat grid corrections & cue points etc etc.

Seems really bad that this is seemingly never recoverable. There is no way I could store my library on a internal SSD so have to use a NAS.

Really frustrating. 

CJ Yaxley

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