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[New] Public beta version of rekordbox 4.3.0 beta2 released on Feb.17.

Dear valued rekordbox customers,

Public beta version of rekordbox [4.3.0 beta2] has been released with several bug fixes and new video features.

Please download and install from the links below and send your feedback to us in this forum page. 


Download links:


Windows 64bit

Windows 32bit

Video Operation Guide


- Release notes -


  -rekordbox video(paid feature)                               

    -3 new TRANSITION FX                         

    -8 new TOUCH FX                   

    -Vertical movement in addition to horizontal allowed on the TOUCH FX.                   

    -Combining BEAT FX/CFX with TOUCH FX is available.                   



    -Full screen button                  

    -Touch Keyboard shown in the DDJ-RZX center screen when connected.                

    -Syphon Out              



  -Reduced CPU load when connecting DDJ-RZX.                                

  -LOOP is shown on the overview waveform in each deck.                               

  -You can add a track to a playlist by dragging and dropping a track title in a deck to a playlist.                             

  -Faster loading time of unanalyzed tracks.                                        

  -You can now configure Pulselocker tracks to be used offline. Select Pulselocker tracks then select "Set Offline track(s)" in context menu. 



  -Application may crash when a Pulselocker track is downloaded or loaded to a deck.                             

  -Beat gird for certain video files are wrong. Please note that tracks must be analyzed again to fix the issue.                                         

  -Scrolling is slow in browsing tracks which were played via Pro DJ Link.                                     

  -Application may crash when a controller is connected while the application is starting up.                                  

  -An MASTER DECK becomes unable to be changed or QUANTIZE becomes unavailable if application is used for long time.                                  

  -Playing speed becomes slow or fast suddenly.                                 

  -Beat setting of the RELEASE FX is displayed incorrectly when application starts up.                               

  -SLAVE DECK may play a short loop when a MASTER DECK gets in the PAUSE status while the SLAVE DECK is playing a loop longer than one beat.

  -Headphones CUE is not output when the application gets in the PERFORMANCE mode from the EXPORT mode.                               

  -HOT CUE GATE play doesn't stop if it is played by a keyboard shortcut in the EXPORT mode.                              

  -There are no shortcuts for HOT CUE D-H in the EXPORT mode.                                  

  -An error message is displayed when the rekordbox is executed while a card reader is connected without a memory card.                                

  -Application may crash when it is closed.                            

  -Application may crash when tracks are imported by drag and drop.                           

  -Cannot change to the browse display with a space key while in Japanese input mode on Windows.                                 

  -Fixed the problem that it does not start rekordbox when there is no “OpenCL.dll” in your Win32 OS.D37                                         

  -Fixed the problem that it does not show any waveform on “DUAL DISPLAY” mode when you use DDJ-RZX.                                         

  -Unstable BPM when using the DVS feature. (#18779)                                   

  -Waveforms and the grid were not shown when using Pro DJ Link and playing a track from a database moved to an external HDD. (#19805)       

  -Elapsed/remaining time setting of each deck were not saved.                                    

  -Lower output of Headphones Cue compared to that of ver.4.2.5.                               

  -Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.                              


[Known issues]                                            

  -LCD display of DDJ-RZX may not be smooth if rekordbox is running on a computer with a AMD graphics card.                                         

  -Display quality may differ depending on a graphics card on your computer. Switching a graphics card may improve display quality if there are more than one graphics card on your computer.                                   



  -Mac users only: To use Syphon Out, your computer must satisfy the recommended system requirements for applications supporting Syphon.    

-  In rekordbox 4.3.0, you may be able to reduce CPU consumption when you use DDJ-RZX.                                

  Please see below procedure.                

              1 Start rekordbox.

              2 Connect DDJ-RZX.

              3 Untick [Preference]->[Controller]->[Others]->[GPU]->[Disable GPU acceleration]

              4 Close dialog.

              5 Close rekordbox, turn off DDJ-RZX then remove USB cable.

              6 Re-start rekordbox.

              7 Connect DDJ-RZX, and turn on DDJ-RZX.



  It may happen not to reduce CPU consumption, or stutter video screen etc. with some kinds of PC/Laptop in case of above procedure.

  If application does not work correctly with NVIDIA / AMD graphics processor, please try to switch graphics processor from NVIDIA/AMD to Intel if you can.                    

  If it still does not work correctly, please make sure to tick "Disable JPEG Encode acceleration" again.  


Best regards,

CRM, Pioneer DJ



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