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Toraiz SP-16 How Do I ?

Hi all,

Is it possible to copy patterns on the bar selections or the 16 bar step sequencer! for example if i have a 1 bar pattern on the go create drum, bass patterns can i copy that across to 2,3,4 ??

Also you know when you have a sample on a pad, say you have modulated it, Pitch, Pattern, FX etc... Is their a way to clear that sample/Pad and all that modulation in 1 go without having to unload sample then clear the Trigger changes ?? 

Can I just add! I have owned the Toraiz SP-16 for 5 days & and MY WORD!!! this thing is off the charts! SOOOO Intuitive its unbeilable!


David Leers

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hello David,

If you have a 4 bar pattern and you extend it to 8 or more bars it will copy the sequence you have. 

There is no way of clearing the sample/pad as you mentioned as of right now.

(Good suggestion)

Glad to hear your enjoying your toraiz.

Dj Creme
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Cheers for the reply man! 

In regards to copying. Sorry i did't explain my problem properly!

Say I have a 1 bar pattern. then I change the length of the pattern to 2, 3 or 4 bars! there will be nothing on the new bars because i haven't inputed anything on them. is their a way i can copy bar 1 across to 2,3 or 4 ?

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