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Bugs/Things that need to be improved in next RB DJ Version


here are some Bugs that Needs to be fixed in next Version:

- the metadata is STILL NOT stored in the file itself, it's still a pain in the ass renaming /shifting /analyzing on other machings etc. please store the grids/cues/Loops in the file itself like all the other Softwares are doing.

- Metronome not working in Performance Mode (only in Export mode it works)

- when i connect my DDJ-RR Settings i made before in earlier sessions are not stored, for example i disabled the crossfader, re open rb dj and it's enabled again.

- personal preferences on Playlists Aren't stored every time i want to create a Playlist i have to set my viewing preferences new (for example i don't Need waveform overview etc).

- maybe optical"connect" the beatgrids to each other, just make the beagrid lines a littel bit longer so they can "touch" each other like serato does for example.

- make it possible to shift/sort the Slots for cue/fx/etc via drag n drop


Daniel Ventura

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