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DJM450, XDJ700 & DDJ-SP1 using rekordbox dj artifacts issue


I have just setup a new system and after half an hour of mixing (click/pops and cracking) artifacts start to creep in eventually needing to shutdown.

System is: (everything is new, all drivers are less than a week old)

1 x DJM450 + rekordbox DJ

2 x XDJ700

1 x DDJ-SP1

1 x MS Surface Pro 3 , Win 10 Pro, i7 - 4650U 1.7GHZ 2.30GHZ , 64bit         Operating system, 8.00gb ram.

1 x MS Surface Pro 3 Dock (Genuine Microsoft One not using USB 3 port)

Every think is hooked up via USB to the Microsoft Dock.

Have the mixer channels on PC and HID mode on the XDJ's through Rekordbox DJ.

After about 30min I notice a slight static crackle and eventually it takes over. I need shut down and restart rekordbox DJ for it to go away.

If i run the XDJ700 on USB mode and the mixer on standard line-in no issue.

Any idea what i can do to stop this issue?


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