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My active loops are off after export

Hello everyone!

Yesterday i bought myself a DDJ-RX in order to work with rekordbox so i have all my music set and ready to go no matter if i have to mix with cdj's or with my own controller.

I wanted to export all i've done so far from my PC to my NOTEBOOK (which i have to take with me if i mix with my controller)

I figured out that i have to export the XML file from my PC and set the database path from preference - > advanced to my NOTEBOOK... which i did.

So now i can see my tracks with all i had, meaning i still have my memory cues, my hot cues and loop points....BUT, my loops are not active anymore.

I was not able to find a way to export the loops and keep them active from my PC(still active loops) to my NOTEBOOK (active loops are turned off now)

Is there something i'm doing wrong ? 

PS: I'm still in the trial version of Rekordbox DJ

Mirko Genoese

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