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Help using Rekordbox-DJ with XDJ-Aero needed

OK. So after seeing what possibilities were available with Rekordbox-DJ, and seeing that it is listed as a supported 'controller' from Pioneer, I made the decision to buy Rekordbox-DJ for $136.74. Now that I have it installed, it removed the original 'free' version of Rekordbox. .......

My controller is a Pioneer XDJ-Aero from 2013. I haven't used it much until now, but it has some nice features. One of which is the wireless connectivity to play tracks through Rekordbox (free version). I can create a playlist, or explore and load tracks individually using the wireless 'LINK' feature in the free version.

Now that I have spent the money and time to install and test Rekordbox-DJ (which according to the Pioneer-DJ supports XDJ-Aero) it does not work properly.

1. I am not able to 'LINK' to the device using the Rekordbox-DJ software, even when the wi-fi settings are configured as they were previously and worked just fine.

2. Deck 2 on the controller is operational, but the mixer is stuck on deck 1, and will not connect Deck 2 through the main mix.

3. The firmware site that is listed for XDJ-Aero is disconnected here: http://pdj-ecom.trafficmanager.net/en/support/software/xdj-aero and according to the rest of the Pioneer-DJ website, does not seem to suggest any updates in the future ever...

So basically all of this is telling me that my product is NOT supported by Rekordbox-DJ, and as a result of purchasing it it has made my product useless. I'm unsatisfied as a customer, and I have followed all the instructions and read all the warnings.

Pioneer support staff, please help me get my Pioneer XDJ-Aero hardware connected the correct way to your 'new' and 'better' Rekordbox-DJ interface that I paid $99 for, and does not work.....or give me a refund so I can go back to the free version which did work.

My invoice for purchasing Rekordbox-DJ is Invoice# 531937603 from 'Digital River GmbH" from your online store.

Kind regards - Welchi


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