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Toriaz- EQ per track in the mixer for finalizing without a computer.

I know that the effects are on the low but it would be a nice addition to just include an 2 band EQ per track. Doesn't seem like much but its nice to be able to shift frequencies a bit before mixing down. This would raise the bar of the box a bit since there is only 1 effect allowed pert rack as of now. I pretty much put an eq on each track and its wasted. 

I love that I can render the individual tracks which is like the best feature I've seen and I've used a ton of samplers/grooveboxes. But when you want to stay away from a computer and work on the fly, this simple addition could improve the quality of your sound without the need to bring a computer into the mix. You wont get the best mixes but you can un-muddy the sound, you know. 

Hasan Some dude

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