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[New] Public beta version of rekordbox 4.3.1 beta5 released on Mar.31.


Dear valued rekordbox customers,


Public beta version of rekordbox [4.3.1 beta5] has been released with several bug fixes and improvements.

Please download and install from the links below and send your feedback to us in this forum page. 


Download links:


Windows 64bit

Windows 32bit


- Release notes (changes since 4.3.0) -


[ IMPROVED ]                                                 

  • Added a cancel button to stop downloading Pulselocker offline tracks.


[ FIXED (numbers are support ticket numbers) ]

  • Audio noise may appear when PC master out is used for some time (#16217, #24824, #24126, #26058, improved Mac version only).
  • JOG, CUE, LOOP don't work after hot cue gate play by hitting a pad continuously.
  • Track information and waveform are not displayed when a CUE button is pressed just after loading a track.(#28049)
  • Application may crash when running for a few hours.(#28045)
  • Screen size is not appropriate when the display resolution is 1280x800 on Mac.(#27721)
  • Video may be disturbed just after loading a video file on certain graphics cards.(#20236, #28841, #27679)
  • Application crashes when installed on a case-sensitive file system on Mac and DDJ-RZX is connected.
  • Application freezes in certain operations while using Pro DJ Link. (#20822)
  • Detailed waveform flashes when the waveform drawing rate is set to Low Speed. (#27783, #28691, #28191)
  • Pulselocker login screen size is incorrect when logging in with a Facebook account.
  • FX2 knob on a controller works oppositely in a single FX mode. (#27684,#27756,#27757,#27772,#27773,#27779, #28187)
  • Sync manager may crash in a certain condition.
  • Video output screen may blinks when a USB camera is connected to a specific computer.
  • Playlists with a same name are created when importing / exporting / syncing playlists or folders if the name of them includes a certain character. (#26802)
  • Application response may slow down when Pulselocker is being used. (#27326)
  • "No internet connection" message is displayed when tracks not allowed to be used in your country are loaded.
  • Application may crash when logging in to Pulselocker.
  • Improved stability and compatibility of video function.
  • Improved overall stability.


Best regards,

CRM, Pioneer DJ



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