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Import path chain between Record Box and iTunes?

Please provide steps on, " how to reduce the 255 characters, corresponding Record Box import log errors with iTunes? "
Present Status:
Information Processor: iMac OS Version 10.12.4
Unfortunately a problem still lies in between iTunes & Record Box. The music plays when clicked in the centre of the grey CD image (no audio stream visibility), and cannot be dragged and dropped into the [ Export ] deck header. A red line inside a red circle appears, whilst doing the drag and drop. I did a re-locate / re-fresh and nothing happens, especially a scan in iTunes, for every tune that wasn't imported into Record Box... all sound audible. Record Box folder in Documents is all good with the highest mp3 quality BR. Collection and created playlist crates with imports is also a green go.
Further more, I managed another clean up in iTunes... deleting duplicates in the Songs category (Side Pane in iTunes) that were not showing up in the playlist, only to notice that there were an abundance of other songs that mirrored several x over. I don't understand how a majority of songs had copied over so many times... especially not showing in the playlist, except to be prompted as "FIND IN FINDER." 
The duplication copies clean out process took a few days to remove, according to so many tunes in my playlist crates, to preferably sync correctly with Record Box, only to feel the dreadful frustration level with window pop up [ ONE OR MORE FILES WERE NOT IMPORTED. CHECk THE LOG FILE SAVED IN THE "DOCUMENTS FOLDER" IMPORT LOG ] again.
Much appreciate feedback in advance .. KRE8A.
K R E 8 A

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