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Rekordbox - Macbook Pro Touch Bar - Ethernet


I´ve a problem with the Pro Dj Link connection via an USB-C to Ethernet Adapter from my Macbook pro (late 2016) to DJ Equipment.
- Macbook Pro (late 2016) touch bar
- dodocool USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
- Ethernet-Switch to connect all CDJs
- 2x CDJ-2000nxs (first time), 2x CDJ-2000 (second time)
- Rekordbox 4.2.5 (export mode)

After about 4 hours of using during an DJ Gig the connection failed. This happened now two times and both times after about 4 hours using and curiously every time afte 40 Tracks.

This is a big porblem if you´re not using CDJ- 900/2000 nxs and you havn´t got security loop.

Does anyone have an idea?



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