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RB Video - Issues and Suggestions

I've been on RB performance mode since it was first released.

I'm technically stuck using 4.1.0 since that was the last version that had mixed media playlists ( before video plugin - so you can have mixed playlists but can't play video ) 

For the few video gigs I did, I was Ok to use Serato + Mix Emergency , but prefer rekordbox to DJ with!  so now I've picked up a weekly video club gig after 3 nights on serato, I REALLY want to use rekordbox video. 

I've been testing 4.3.0 and there are a few flaws that the devs should put on their priority list. 


1. when you search in the collection ( I have a keyboard command "CMD F " ) you CANNOT add a video to a video playlist. 
I can only add a video IF i select all videos and click the mouse on the search box. 

this is really frustrating and is a BASIC software function.

I understand the issue with exporting and mixed playlists, but with controllers like the RZX - users aren't exporting,  Can we just have an option to allow mixed playlists? 

and FYI you can technically add an MP4 to an audio list. If you add an MP4 to your collection in 4.1.0  that's tagged by iTunes as a home movie, when you open 4.3.0 the file shows as a regular track ( no video icon ) and can be added to ANY playlist! however if you remove the track and re-add in 4.3.0 it then becomes a "video file" and is treated as such. the ability for mixed playlists already exists in the software, please put this to the top of the list - It's been over a YEAR since the video plugin and this issue really should be taken care of. 


Now, here are a few video plugin suggestions. in order of importance (IMO)

***Option for mixed playlists - even it it's in the video section and doesn't show up in the export area - however it would be nice as preparing sets would be easier

1. Unlink upfaders from video fade. I NEVER run my line faders at max, but if using video I have to as any less and the video is faded down 

2. trigger auto fade ( video ) when crossfader is at XX% ( select how far you open the cross fader until video fade begins ) 

2. Random transitions, after a transition the next transition is randomly selected. 

3.  topping media triggers auto fade ( of video ) - 






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I agree with your comments - I've moved this to the Product & Feature Suggestions forum.

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