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DJM 450 or a new DJM 450Mk2 with Serato DJ

Hello Pioneer Team 

I have seen so many Reviews about The DJM 450 
and its cool i like the size the feeling and everything about it,
but when i heard that it only works with Rekordbox i was lil bit upset

so i search around a lil bit maybe if there is a possibility to work with Serato DJ
but i failed  so i Taught i'll do post into a Forum about a new  DJM 450mk2 in future with Serato DJ support oder Midi Learn and Booth outputs/Line cuz i think so many Dj's out there who can afford an DJM S9 would Rather also go for a DJM-450 if it would support Serato DJ than Hookin it up with there Serato SL Box and having only limited Access to the mixer so if u guys from the Production Team think its cool idea let us DJ Know i'm definitely  going to get us well and i thing  other Djs to


Chris L

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