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Final solution to RANDOM playlist from iTunes ! Enter !

I am a pc-programmer ( and DJ ! ) i was tired of all my playlist with sync manager will imported and USB exported in a random sort order...SO....



I created a small software that can FIX forever! Just open...select the itunes music library.xml file...select the order for every playlist and hit "save" at this point a new file will be created ( original NEVER will be touched ) itunes_FIXED.xml.

From rekordbox, just change from settings the new xml "fixed" instead old XML original file from itunes.

....enjoy playlists sorted again!

In future, when you do a modification in itunes, only open and hit "save" to update the new itunes_FIXED.xml files...after this open rekordbox:.

The sofware is tested by myself, BUT if something goes wrong, just change back rekordbox settings to the original itunes xml file et voila!

If you want ....a paypal donation to jacopo.simini@libero.it will be very appreciated! Software is not limited and it is free.

Source code is avaiable under request.





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