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Public beta version of rekordbox 5.0.0 beta1 released on Jul.7.


Dear valued rekordbox customers,

Public beta version of rekordbox [5.0.0 beta1] has been released with several new features.

Please download and install it from the links below and send your feedback to us in this forum page. 


Download links:


Windows 64bit

Windows 32bit


 - Release notes -

 [ New ]

  • Renewed GUI.
  • DJM-S9 support. (Firmware update is recommended for optimized integration. Please see below.)
  • Added Key shift / Key sync.
  • 16 Hot Cues / Pad FXs support.
  • Added Keyboard mode (key-shifted hot cue play).
  • Added Beat loop mode.
  • Added an option to play Hot Cue before reaching the next beat.
  • Added options to set quantize beat value for each function.


[ Improved ]

  • Added a preference to display 16 slots / 8 slots of the sampler.
  • Ability to set beat grid even for short / no beat sampling sound.
  • Quantize hot cue to the closest beat while playing.
  • Displays remaining and elapsed time at the same time.
  • Ability to sync with a track whose BPM is double or half of a master deck.
  • More choices for font size and line space.
  • Displays original BPM on decks.


 [ Known issues ]

  • Key is not analyzed even set so in Preferences. "Analyze key" in the Track menu should be selected to analyze key.
  • Extension of recorded files become "rbrec", thus files are not displayed in the Recording tree.
  • Tool tips for the deck panel select tabs are wrong (displayed as "Manual Loop: Set a Loop In/Out point.").
  • Beat loop panel may be displayed in a wrong place in certain conditions.
  • BEATs value for FXs cannot be changed by a controller.
  • Size of detailed waveform can be changed in only 4 steps.
  • Application may crash while analyzing specific files.


[ For Mac users ]

  • Please note that rekordbox 5.0.0 is installed in "rekordbox 5" folder i.e. /Applications/rekordbox 5. If you are using a Dock or a shortcut to launch rekordbox, please be careful.


[ For DJM-S9 users ]

  • rekordbox dj now supports DJM-S9. Please download the beta version of the firmware from the links below and update its firmware for optimized integration.
DJM-S9 firmware (Mac)

DJM-S9 fiirmware (Win)



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