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Key Sync vs Master Tempo

OS version: Windows 10 Pro 1607
CPU: Intel i7-2620M @2.7GHz
Graphics driver: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Display resolution: 1366x768 (Non-Retina)
rekordbox mode: Performance
Plus Packs: dj / dvs / rmx
Model name of Pioneer DJ product used with rekordbox, Firmware/Driver version: DDJ-RZ Firmware 1.09

Details: After using Key Sync and returning to +0 (normal) pitch, track BPM is reduced by the same amount as returning to +0 pitch on the fader.  This increase/decrease in BPM does not display on the UI, it is only apparent after attempting to load any compatible song (even the same) to not be in sync.  The BPM of Key Sync deck slows down in proportion to pitch amount.


After some experimentation, it has been determined that the following happens:

  1. Master Tempo Off (both decks): Engaging Key Sync causes MT to enable, playing same track on deck 2 causes mismatched BPM
  2. Disabling MT on deck 1 before playing deck 2 results in matched BPM.
  3. Leaving MT on deck 1 and playing deck 2 (which had MT disabled already) causes mismatched tempos

Official comment


Hello Daniel,


We could not replicate the issue you reported.

Would you please take a video and send it to us so that we can know what operations cause the issue?


Thank you for your cooperation.



Pioneer DJ


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1. Load same track onto both decks
2. Play deck 1, while playing adjust key sync wither direction and return to 0 (normal key)
3. With deck 1 at original key, play deck 2
4. Upon aligning beats, notice the beat drift after a few seconds.

I can upload a video if these steps are too complex

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Still an issue in beta 2, though it is slightly better.

1. Load and play same track on 2 decks
2. Adjust semitone up/down buttons on UI
3. Reset key by double-clicking Reset Key between semitone buttons
4. Notice the drift

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