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Toraiz step modulation of start/end points & reverse


It would be an extremely powerful addition to be able to allow step modulation apply to sample playback fwd/reverse and start & end points .. hopefully this is in consideration for a future version of firmware

In the meanwhile, I have a (probably rather obvious) workaround that may help someone..

take a sample and place it on two pads and reverse one of them.

sequence each 4 times and resample the result to a new pad... you will have 4 fwd and 4 reverse samples...(or whatever you want really..lol)

go to slice mode and set the start/end points for slices 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 to your desire... note that as the end point of slice 1 is start of slice 2, in this case the even number slices become dummy holders for the junk hence allowing free rein over 8 versions of the same sample...

add envelope, pitch and fx step modulation and you are good to go.




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