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RMX 1000 Ipad xpad / overdub sync problem

Hi, I've recently purchased the RMX 1000 app for my iPad to add to my existing setup which is a Djm 450 and x2 xdj 700s.

I've noticed a few problems and I am not sure if it's a problem with the app, a problem with how it's setup or if this is how an rmx would normally work. I'm sorry if I sound silly, first time experiencing an RMX.

When using the overdub to add snares/ kicks etc... it doesn't sound as if it is in tim with the track playing. I have quantise enabled and the bpm matches the track playing. Should the overdub sequence 'sync' and 'snap' to the track playing in order to keep in time? It just sounds completely off, even if I time it and hit the share at the right time?

Also, I thought the overdub sequence is over 4 beats but it sounds like it's over a 2 beat. Is this a set up problem ?

Finally, when using the xpad roll feature (e.g the snare) even if the bpm matches the main track playing, the snare will start in time but slowly starts to go off and doesn't sound in time with the main track playing, how could this be?

Sorry if the answers are really simple or i am asking silly questions. It could be a really good bit of kit for me and I really like the overdub feature but defo cannot use it at the moment until I find out what's going on.

Thank you

Alex Charles Reid

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