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5.0.0b4 Performance Pads layout Horizontal

In my opinion the layout of the Performance Pads in RB 4.0 is much 

better than the new layout in RB 5.0. its like the Serato layout, all the hotques

vertical. This is not logical with the S9 or the DDJ SP1 or any other controller.

the way it was in RB 4.0, 2x 4pads horizontal is much more logic 

Maybe add a option thats the users can switch?

michel Answered

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You can set how to display the pad here.
Preferences>View>Layout>Pad Mode

[Auto]: Switch to the PAD display automatically when connecting to a DJ controller.
[Customize]: Select "Pad display" or "List Display".

Tomoharu Kirihara
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You can change it in the settings to put it back how it was before the beta.

J. Stevens 0 votes
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