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Have a few questions on the CDJ-350. I bought 2 of these and a  DJM-350 a few weeks ago and I was curious if I could get some helpful hints on beatmatching. I use "BPM Lock" on both units and the way I can temporarily get beats to match is by cueing the 2nd deck and then using the jog wheel constantly to keep the beats in match. My questions are these:

1. Should I even use BPM Lock? My understanding is when I move the pitch slider on the right of the decks it will change the value of the BPM which negates BPM Lock. 


2. I've read countless articles about beatmatching and to do this I should use the jog wheel AND the pitch faders but as I said in my first point it negates BPM Lock so what is the point of BPM Lock if I have to use the pitch faders anyways? 


Thanks guys. I appreciate it even though these questions are a little ridiculous. 

Bryan Cicero

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Hello my name is Michel, I need an information, I changed the motherboard of my cdj350, because I bought a used one and the card was badly damaged, so now I can not update the cdj 350 anymore, have some specification for this update for example Windows xp, vista or 7,8,10 or Mac book, of course thank you, thank you.
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Sorry to hijack your post. I'm a beginner DJ and I'm thinking of purchasing a pair of CDJ-350's. 

I'm based in South Africa, and I would prefer to buy from locally appointed agents. I saw them advertised online > https://beveey.co.za/product/pioneer-dj-cdj-350-cd-player/ but stock is no longer available.

Do they still make these? Because I see this post is from 2017.

Please advise.

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