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Rekordbox 5 beta 4.x - small fonts (pics attached)

I've posted this before, as well as over a dozen other people, but here is visual proof of this issue that everyone seems to be affected by.


I took two sceenshots and combined them.  It is quite clear that the BPM,  pitch % key, are all significantly smaller AND harder to read.  The annoying part is there is amble space to increase the font size for these elements.  

Pulse, you mentioned that you had no problem at DJ Expo playing of a 11" Macbook Air. I find this hard to believe as I have 20/20 vision and find myself squinting at the laptop to see critical info like BPM and what my pitch slider is set to. I worry that playing out with RB5 will be even harder. I'm not alone as evidenced by multiple posts by other DJs complaining of the same.  

See below:

(Tip for Chrome users: right click my image and choose open in new tab to see it at 100% resolution).

Form should ALWAYS follow function. There is no reason to make critical elements smaller for the sake of minimalism and flat UI design. 

Here's what I recommend to make larger in the decks:,

BPM, Pitch range, Pitch%, Key, 

I'd love to hear input from the folks in Japan about this issue. thanks


MacBook Pro 13"  (non retina) with  DDJ-RZ


DJ Chase Answered

Official comment


We understand and have forwarded this to the product team, however I don't have any information for you on whether there will be any changes to that, nor a timeline if they decide to do so.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Yes I agree. 

I love the new GUI in RBDJ 5!! Understand me right, I am thrilled about it!!

But it needs some real work on the contrasting of colors!
White against black gets to strong. It dont contrast well togheter for this sort of information. The text dont get as SHARP AND CRISP as it were before.

It needs to be:

  • Work on the contrast of colors, earlier colorcodes worked better in that matter.
  • KEY-representation MUST be bigger and sharper!!
  • Give us more choices of how to present the information
  • FX-info is like a haystack now... to much ...to little... earlier was better
  • Same goes for Samples-area, it was better earlier. You have 8 bigg buttons on the screen, bet the info is SO TINY so like 80% of the screens area is empty. I can NOT really understand how you think there!!! It is not empty buttons on the screen that gives me anything to work with!! That is in fact totally crappy!! Pioneer please... you CAN better than that!!
    Also, WHY did you take away the color of the buttons and instead show a TINY little little box of the color. Color-codes should guide the workflow, now it gives me nothing in information to work with! Makes flow slower.


 I can not even see the KEY sharp when on my 22"-external monitor! That is a shame. It needs work!
WHY do you have so much empty space everywhere when this could be used to make things bigger!?!? I love the minimalism, I am Swedish and that is what I like. But that does not mean you must do everything small. You have room to make things bigger. On a 22"-moniter it SHOULD be TOTALY clear to read EVERYTHING!

And as said above SO WELL:
"Form should ALWAYS follow function"
Praise the words and live after them.

Thank you for my cents.

I love what you are forming this program to, so above is just to make "the edge" of the program sharper. =)

And Harry J, your image says it all!! I think the earlier look is MUCH more sharp, better contrast, coloring and size of everything you wrote and I. Very nice made image! Shows perfect what we talk about!!

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I also agree and reported a few days ago but less in detail.

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ALL wonderful and VERY accurate points. As a UX/UI Designer myself I couldn't have explained it better myself.


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