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Freeze CPU-overload when inactive computer/program


Now I can not see any other way than make an ticket about this!
I have tried and tried Beta after beta but nothing happens with this matter. So let me explain the problem:

When I load and run RBDJ 5.0 Beta5 it runs like silk most of the time on my new computer. BUT if I dont use the program for a while, can be relatively short or longer. Then the CPU-meter up in the right corner inside GUI in RBDJ goes up to full!! It stays there and if I press any button or try to load any song to any deck NOTHING HAPPENS!!!
I must then restart everything and then it works again. But when inactive the CPU-overload and freeze happens again...and again..... and so on...

This IS NOT something that happens sometimes! Then I would not made this ticket. This happens all the time I dont use it for say a 20min or some hours and come back.

If I use it this does NOT happen. So something has to do with the unactive-processes!?!?

I have:

Acer Predator i7-4790, 3,6Ghz
RAM: 16 gb
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660 - 3gb
SSD-harddrive 128gb
Program: RBDJ 5.0 Beta5

I Use Pulselocker-tracks - All stored offline on external harddrive - 
EVerything is downloaded since long and stored offline, all analysed completly

Please help me solve this, It really makes me go insane, its so frustrating to must restart and set up everything over and over again, day in and day out!!

Thanks in advance

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