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History Record Box 5.0.1

I play with my laptop and xdj rx through pro dj link (Ethernet cable).

I keep my data base in my external hard drive.

When i play music with my laptop, while i'm playing i can see history playlist. 

When i 'm closing my laptop and bring my external disc to my pc at home and do some work i can't see my history. Even if I i'm gonna play with my laptop again no history appears from previous set.

If i will play with usb sticks record import history fine!


Am I missing something???


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I use an external drive for my database and music. I load rekordbox with that drive as my master database, then play a linked session and a LINK HISTORY entry is created with all the tracks I played. I then quit rekordbox, eject my drive and move it to another computer, open rekordbox there with the external drive as the master database and I can see the LINK HISTORY with all tracks showing.

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I think that I was doing something wrong. 

I was stopping some times RB by clicking the link button!

Even if tracks playing. 

Yesterday first I stop playing my tracks from decks 1 and 2 from my xdj rx. And then stop the pro dj link.

And today I can see my history from my last set.

So I think that we have to stop music first from decks and then stop pro dj link!

Thank you Pioneer Dj for your time and answer!

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