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Track/Playlist preparation ipad app


I think it would be great if there was an ipad app for RB that could be used to prepare tracks like in export mode and also to prepare playlists using the tag filters etc.

I spend a fair amount of time stuck on planes or trains when I don't really want to have a laptop open but an ipad is fine, so using to get all of my prep done would be amazing so when I do get in front of RB I can just play.


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Agreed - the idea of simply compiling & editing playlists (from a large Collection) on a popular portable device platforms for certain gigs would be super useful.  (Obviously without the massive overhead of audio data, so playback/preview wouldn't be practical.)

Implementation suggestion: if the Export/Sync Management engine could be extended to include a skeletal edition of the Collection (like the Collection XML export), purely for the purposes of playlist prep, then use iOS/Android edition of RB to allow quick Collection search and add to playlists, then when resync'd to parent device, playlists are updated accordingly.

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