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Mixed In Key & Camelot system and data to fully integrate in RKbox DJ.

I can understand that Pioneer may not want to share its entire software programming knowledge with Mixed in Key, nonetheless the latter has the reputation of being the best quality 'key' calculator on earth used by the best DJ/producers (but even if not, every DJ should have the right to chose it and the means to use it in any DJ software).
And even if Pioneer apparently doesn't fully support it, it is still possible to import MIK's keys into RKbox DJ (except M4A which has to be done manually, see my other previous post).
In addition, RKbox DJ is not currently allowing its very useful features, including key related (like Search, etc) -which makes DJs chose it- to work with CAMELOT (a musical language which is very current and useful to all non musician DJs like me).
I suggest to finally allow Camelot language and Mixed In Key full integration into Rekordbox DJ, especially for the Search function based on several criteria which are extremely important, especially for generalist DJ like me who have to manage complex and huge data bases of 10,000+ tracks of countless styles, in order to find easily and quickly tracks during a live improvisation set.
Many thanks in advance for considering the importance of that need and finding a solution. Best regards !

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I agree.
I have been using Mixed In Key for years, and I recently started using Rekordbox DJ.
But I still think Mixed In Key BPM and key detection are more accurate.
Plus it's a lot faster to analyze a large music library with Mixed In Key than with Rekordbox.

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