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Accidental data deletion in Rkbox DJ etc & making it impossible to happen.

Hi! I feel the following is the major most urgent issue Rekordbox DJ needs to fix now and it makes me hesitate moving to it as everything else is great :

I just start getting to know rkbox dj and one thing which creates me most worry and difficulty/slowness of use and find 'dangerous' and prone to facilitate user errors is the fact that it makes easy the deletion of tag information of song files (often unrecoverable or hard to remember) such as 'comments, etc'. Indeed, one can very easily double click too fast on a song line in the library, hence making its data too easily editable and deletable, even accidentally (ex. by simply pressing any keyboard key). You see, generalist DJs like me work thousand of hours creating relevant track data to facilitate their job, so it's very costly to us and the last thing we dread is losing it!

I find it very stressful and debilitating and suggest you find a way to prevent accidental music library editing (like rewriting or erasing tags or crates, crate moves, etc) so that we're not slowed down during a live set because we're obliged to be extra careful (ex. by avoiding clicking on words and being obliged to click only on pics or preview instead, which is a hassle as it reduces our ability to concentrate on the essentials ie good deejaying & creativity). We don't have time for that as we need to work fast, manipulating lots of songs (ex. select, drag & drop, etc for a move/preview/load with right click Menu, etc).

Serato SDJ has a great Setting which is 'Protect library' and it gives much needed peace but will not be sufficient as, event when off, the problem would still remain.

Also, when we right click on a track line in library and open the 'contextual menu', if one wants to exit it the quickest and most natural/intuitive way (using the same hand, not two, to avoid wasting time), he/she would, like me, click again on that line : sadly, we immediately enter 'edit mode' and deleting data is a high risk as it takes just an accidental push on any keyboard key to delete. With RKB the only way I found is using my other hand to 'escape' safely but it's a hassle as you know DJs need to work fast for gigs preps and live as they manipulate and move songs all over the place!

I suggest, for ex. :

- that you create a very unusual way that can only be voluntary (hence impossible to be accidental) in order to enter edit mode such as a very long interspersed hard double click or else better -contextual right click Menu sounds ideal ?- which can not occur by rapid single or double click selection or move of a track (for ex. Traktor & SDJ, & even iTunes to some extent, softwares are stress free in that regard as they take a very FIRM & slower voluntary double click to enter data edit mode).

- create a 'Protect library' feature which would prevent ALL sorts of library data editing (esp. of tags and crates data and location).

- always to have, in ALL cases of deletion (except within a field in edit mode of course), a window asking to confirm it or not.

- Not to allow (I think I've seen it happen, fixed now?) deletion of anything (esp. crates/folders) with simply hitting the 'delete' key. (SDJ requires in addition to hit also CTRL). Anything with no risk of being accidental would be great.

- to allow double clicking on a line at any speed without entering edit mode AT ALL (not even with 2 long interspersed clicks).

- to allow saving the entire library during the session and use of Rkbox dj (like with Traktor) and not only after closing.

- to create an Edit/cancel (last change) function (in case of accidental data deletion), like in Mac's Menu, to complete but not replace the above mentioned new features suggestions.

I trust you will find a practical and efficient solution very quickly, many thanks in advance.


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