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Recording on djm 2000 nexus.


I know the guide is on here somewhere as i used it to set up initially.

Ive had my set up for 12 months or more and periodically i loose the option to record. (cdj2000 nexus djm2000 nexus) strange things like opening ableton, rebooting and changing sample rate settings have got me back recording. So i've updated OS to High Sierra and lost record. In a bit of a rage i deleted my djm2000 aggregate device and tried to add again. I know i need to rename this but i don't know what to. I'm pretty sure there is a full guide somewhere but i've given up the search. If anyone could help me please, it would be much appreciated.



dave northall

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I just fixed it YES !!!!

2.Creation of Audio MIDI Aggregate Device (For Mac) 
Step1. From the Finder, open [Application] > [Utility] and click [Audio MIDI Setting]. 
Step2. Click the [+] button at the left bottom in the [Audio Devices] window and select [Create Aggregate Device]. 
Step3. Tick the checkbox of [DJM-2000] and [DJM-2000 output]. 
Step4. Change the name from [Aggregate Device] to [DJM-2000_input/output]. Enter the name exactly as is.(Caution: the device will not work if the name is entered differently). 
Step5. Open [Preferences] > [Audio] > [Audio] and select [DJM-2000_input/output].

I used this found here



Thank you all.

Hope this might help someone else.

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Just to add, you need to select in rekordbox 

audio device - DJM-2000_input/output

happy recording


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