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SP-16 manual

Just wondering how many of you find the user manual well written ?

for instance regarding step sequencer (triggers) chapter it seems there’s nothing on that subject regarding step modulation capabilities i find it’s strange there’s nothing to explain how to deal with that for newbies to this concept.

also pioneer need to integrate the different addendum iteration because there’s so many important things to learn it should been inside one full user manual...

just my thought on that.

Jessie James Answered

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Sure but like I said even in the Videos : 

  • Sequencer (Tutorial 4)
  • Advanced Trigger Types (Tutorial 6)
  • Sequence Edit (Tutorial 10)

it's not really well explained... there's FX, Filter, LFO and modulation destinations all of that can be manipulated by step - triggers and it's not explained. So I do think it's not enough powerful regarding modulations for me, but instead the SP-16 appears easy like for a child regarding manual and video therefore it's a bit more powerful than it appear. I do think :

it does not put in value the SP16 in terms of functionalities


Cheers Pulse ;)

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Don't forget that some features added after those videos may improve or change the functionality, so the video may not be entirely accurate either.

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