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Adjusting the sensitivity of Pitch Bend mapped to DDJ-XP!

Hey all, 

I've just switched from Traktor to Rekordbox 5 on a Mac and I'm using the DDJ-XP1 and DVS to control it. I've mapped the Semitone +/- buttons on the XP1 to Pitch Bend +/- in the Rekordbox software. It works great but I've found it's super sensitive and I find it really difficult to get the phase right with it. Is there any way of making it less sensitive, thus being able to make finer adjustments?

I appreciate I have DVS for this, but for decks 3/4 it's nice to be able to make fine adjustments in the mix, or in a situation where I don't have DVS. I prefer to avoid using sync where possible and have a looser more 'live' feel to my sets.

Have to say apart from this minor issue I'm loving Rekordbox and super happy I made the switch!

Mike Bessey

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I fully agree with this. Please allow an option to set the sensitivity!

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