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4 functionality failures in Rekordbox DJ

1.   When you beatjump backward past the beginning of the track .. the beatjump function completely fails.  It breaks the quantization and just hard stops on the first beat and starts the track.  Every other major Dj software package will allow the play head to go past the beginning of the track to keep the tracks on phrase with each other.  This is a huge oversight ... really annoying when your trying to jump back 32 beats on the first phrase of a track.



2.  On internal mixer mode ... the FX are pre-fader and not able to be set to post fader.   So if you run a termination effect like and 8 beat turntable spin back ... you can’t fade the the audio out with the channel fader ... your stuck with 8 beats of full volume spin back sound with a hard stop, not Eloquent in anyway :(



3.   When you apply a termination Effect in internal mixer mode… The audio does not stop in the headphone cue and the lights remain active on the channel fader. If the audio stops to the audience… The audio should stop to the DJs headphones. If the audio stops to the audience the lights on the mixer should go away. It’s extremely confusing.



4.  The expandable dropdown window that allows to to drag and drop three additional playlists above the primary playlist.... will only work with the primary database.  You can not populate those playlist windows with playlists from the rekordbox.xml database.   

Walt White

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1) This is known and our engineers are investigating to see if it can be implemented.

2/3) You mean a "release effect"?

3) Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean - can you outline it step-by-step?

4) Correct, this only works with the COLLECTION.

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