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Rekordbox 5.1.0 Beta2 Finally woking smoothly for me

Having shelled out quite a lot off my savings to reward myself with Pioneer's Flagship controller (DDJ RZ), I was nearly moved to tears after fidgeting with it for about 2 days; trying to get it to work without any issues on my fairly old laptop (HP Elitebook 8540w - Intel i7 1.7GHz (4 Cores) ) running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

I did a lot of research on how to resolve the bugs that came with Rekordbox 5.0,turns out, there isn't much online.  Till I found the the 5.1.0 Beta2 that was released yesterday.

Installed it and tested it for about 2 hours and I must say, I could have mixed half the songs in my library just testing this baby.

Never did I run into any issues with it, which was quite a relief, I must admit at some point I nearly lost faith in Rekordbox and Pioneer till I figured out how to get my laptop set. 

BTW If you have Nvidia Graphic drivers, do not update to the latest version as that will not support Rekordbox. Stick with the 2010 version. It is what is running seamlessly on my laptop. I can confidently gig with the beta.

I hope this review helps someone out there, Rekordbox has the potential to be the best, so I am sticking with it.

Now can anyone tell me how I can make a video mixing popular songs on Youtube without getting struck with copyright infringement.


Oscar Indamix

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