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DJS-1000 Aux Out 2 / USB

What's the intended use of the second set of outs.

When connected to the computer the USB doesn't do anything but acknowledge that the device was installed. Will there be the opportunity to save projects or samples on the hardware unit? (I get that you can use USB for transmitting MIDI)

Gian-Piero Furfaro

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Hello Gian,

The onboard HD is Read only so you can not save your projects to the internal memory. 

The second set of outputs are for connecting the unit and SEND/RETURN with a DJM Mixer. 

D.j. Creme
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After completing the Survey for SP-16 there were instructions for the bonus loops to be installed on the internal drive. I thought this would be the same for the DJS-1000.

Not that I really care as I would rather use a USB stick but thought it interesting to ask.

Gian-Piero Furfaro 0 votes
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