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Workflow: Using Spotify Rekordbox and iTunes for building Playlists

I am a mobile private event DJ and club DJ and post quarterly radio shows (podcasts) mainly for myself and my friends. The topic of Spotify comes up alot, and I recently managed to uncover some useful tips for those out there who use Spotify and iTunes in their workflow.

In Rekordbox, there's a playlist function that will export a .txt file or an .M3u8 file which is read easily by iTunes. Also Spotify will import playlists directly from iTunes as of the latest release (perhaps prior to that IDK). The only snag is the format of the names of tracks/genres/albums is strict within iTunes, and moreso in Spotify. If it was a legit purchase from iTunes, it usually pops up with no issue. But if you're like me and get tracks from Amazon, Beatport, iTunes, and unlicensed sources - Spotify wont recognize them.

So what? Well, if you have a Spofity Playlist, and are looking for sounds "similar" to that playlist, it's easy to find new music that sounds just like your playlist using the "Recommended Songs" list, and the Playlist Radio features.

enjoy. -CW


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